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Hybrid Professional Doctorate in Art Therapy Program

Hybrid Professional Doctorate in Art Therapy Program



In the realm of mental health, where words often fall short, art therapy emerges as a profound tool for expression, understanding, and healing. At the apex of this field lies the Doctorate in Art Therapy, a rigorous and transformative journey that combines the depth of psychological theory with the creative process of art. This essay delves into the significance, structure, and impact of pursuing a doctorate in art therapy, exploring its multifaceted dimensions and contributions to both academia and Practicum.

The Evolution of Art Therapy Education:

The journey towards a Doctorate in Art Therapy reflects the evolution of the discipline itself. Historically, art therapy emerged as a grassroots movement, drawing from psychology, art, and education. Over time, it gained recognition as a distinct profession, leading to the establishment of formalized training programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Today, the pursuit of a doctorate in art therapy represents the pinnacle of academic and clinical excellence, blending advanced research, clinical practice, and artistic innovation.

We appreciate and acknowledge your interest in the Hybrid Professional Doctorate in Art Therapy Program. The program is well-curated for all those who are passionate about self-discovery, healing, and transformation that meets your aspirations. Our comprehensive curriculum, esteemed faculty, flexible online platform, and personalized guidance will let you embark on a journey of academic excellence and personal growth.

Program Highlights: 

• Divergent and convergent applications with effective demonstration

• Six semesters of intensive learning, hands-on experience, practical implementation, skill development, and experiential learning. 

• Weekly assignments to reinforce learning 

• Curated study materials, extensive virtual library

• Internal Research Review Board to review and monitor research activities

• External Review Board to govern the quality, integrity, and ethical conduct of research 

• Research and Thesis, integrative approaches, virtual classroom, Global Community and outreach, and many more 


• Post Graduation Degree in any field from an accredited institution OR

• Graduate in any field from an accredited institution with extensive professional experience OR

• Diploma in Art Therapy with Asha the Hope 

• Letters of Recommendation from academic or professional references 

• Statement of purpose OR Personal Statement

• Online entrance exam jointly developed by ATH in collaboration with SAIU

• Online interview 

• Submit writing samples, portfolios, or examples of professional work.

• International students should submit proof of English language proficiency test. 


Mentor's Support

  • Guide Support through Email/WhatsApp
  • Cases and Vignettes for better Practice
  • Audio and Video Support
  • Prefixed Timings and Schedule

Learning Kit

  • Session Recordings
  • Notes in PDF format
  • Extended Interaction Opportunities

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