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Diploma in Relationship Counselling

Diploma in Relationship Counselling


A relationship is a close connection between two individuals. It is the bonding that demonstrates happiness, and togetherness and shares many things in common. It includes mutual respect, companionship, emotional support, sexual expressions, comfort, security, trust, and many more.

This might sound like a theoretical approach or a definition in a dictionary, but is it practically doable? What makes a relationship grow strong and healthy? How do we cherish the moments? How do we overcome unpleasant situations and acknowledge each other?

Asha the Hope answers your questions through a newly introduced course Diploma in Relationship Counselling. This course enables one to understand, experience, and deal with deep relationship problems, rekindle feelings and resolve issues. It focuses on rendering professional counselling to couples in understanding the voids, overcoming blocks, and addressing those moments which are forgotten. 

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Our Curriculum

Module 3
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Premarital Counselling
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Separation Anxiety
Module 4
  • Family Art Therapy
  • Therapeutic Alliance in Psychology
  • Abuse & Prevention
  • Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues
  • Scaffolding-Practical & Closure
Module 1
  • Human Development
  • What is Relationship
  • Restore a relationship
  • Desire, Differentiation, and Conflict
  • Marriage - Couple ship
Module 2
  • Know About Romantic Attachments
  • Emotional First Aid
  • Safeguard Emotional Health of Couple
  • Protect Children’s Psychology
  • Sexuality Counselling

Mentor's Support

  • Guide support through Email/Whatsapp
  • Cases & Vignettes for Better Practice
  • Audio & Video Support Additional Reference if Needed
  • Prefixed Timing & Schedule

Learning Kit

  • Session Recordings
  • Notes in PDF
  • Extended Interaction Opportunities
  • Access to Additional Learning Platforms

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