Our Great Team

Core Founders

Dr. Asha

Founder of Asha The Hope

Girish N.L

Chief Executive Officer - Asha The Hope

Dr. Krishna Dutt

Chief Advisor Asha The Hope and Founder of Asmita

Management Team

Mrs. Ranjini S

Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Swathi V

Head of the Department-Art Therapy

Mrs. Rini Mathai

Chief Communications Officer

Ms. Jyoti Gupta

Chief Management Officer

Execution Team

Mrs. Visalakshy TS

Data Processing Manager/Digital Marketing

Ms. Manali Bhoraskar

Senior Course Coordinator

Mrs. Lakshmi Babu

Organizational Manager

Ms. Guntas

Course Coordinator

Mrs. Neelima

Course Coordinator

Evaluation Committee

Mrs. Neha Ravichandran

Mentor and a member of assessment team

Mrs. Sudha Ramani

Mentor and a member of assessment team

Mentoring And Guidance Team

Intellectual Support and Content Structuring

Keynote Speakers

Mrs. Archana

Keynote Speakers

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