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Sahridayi (General counseling)

Sahridayi (General counseling)

Asha The Hope

Sahridayi is a community of like-minded individuals who have come together to create a positive impact in the world of mental health through collaborative efforts. We aim to take a multidimensional approach to address mental health and emotional wellbeing issues, and positively influence the community on the importance of it.

With every interaction, an individual goes through he gains a different perspective that can affect his outlook towards self and his environment. These outlooks direct him to different and varied experiences- sometimes it is desirable and sometimes unpleasant. Every experience is always accompanied by its thoughts and feelings. Our mental make-up is defined to appreciate the pleasant ones and accommodate the unpleasant with our capacity. But in certain circumstances, we as individuals will fall short of the abilities and thoughts to understand and reason out the occurrences. Such situations always leave their residues in varied forms. When we are unable to deal with it, it leads to a never-ending chain of questions. Here the goal of the individuals is not resolving the painful and traumatic occurrences but to break those chains of thoughts. When we are unable to address the emotional whirlpool, it is acceptable to seek external aid to enable us to manage them. Counseling and psychotherapy is one such lever that can help us regulate the traumatic roller-coaster. However, the cultural and the social background we all hail from considers this aid as taboo which needs to be silenced. These thought processes conditioned people to make the most essential aid unreachable.


The picture of wellness which is one of the contemporary concepts is complete only when people recognize emotional well-being as an essential factor and accept the required help to deal with their psychological, emotional, and social vulnerabilities. We at Asha The Hope strive to enable people to recognize and acknowledge their emotional needs and psychological stability. To fulfill this motto along with empowering individuals with necessary knowledge and skills, we focus on aiding them to strengthen their mental agility through our social initiative "Sahridayi".

Sahridayi was the heartfelt idea of Dr. Asha and Mr. Girish which was conceived and conceptualized when the world was collectively fighting the hard-hit pandemic. Having constant interactions with individuals from varied walks of life and listening to their emotional battles, they decided to give back to society by making them resilient individuals. As part of this initiative, we focus on reaching out to people irrespective of their socio-economic, cultural, and geographical limitations. We provide free emotional counseling and affordably offer various psych-therapies. Having some efficient therapists with diverse skills on board we aim to provide timely emotional and psychological aid to different concerns which people approach us.

We also believe that all individuals should be able to access mental health care. We provide equality of services and care to everyone; regardless of age, disability, gender identity, race, religion, belief system, or sexual orientation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone can benefit from counselling. Every human being has a fundamental right to seek a skilled expert who can empower them in their entire development and well-being. Counsellors, too, require personal counselling sessions. As a result, anyone eager to understand and reflect on any aspect of life can benefit from talking with a counsellor.
It is beneficial to inform your therapist that you are considering terminating your sessions, regardless of how long you have been going. Your counsellor will discuss this with you and create plans to work toward a mutually agreeable conclusion. On the other case, it’s highly possible to terminate the session and refer (if agreeable) to the equivalent and specialized Psychologist or the counselling psychologist.
The counselor's job is to establish a friendly and welcoming connection that enables the client to talk about anything they want but adhere to the therapeutic relationship. The counselor will attempt to understand the client’s life and facilitation on what they reveal and will foster self-exploration, insight, and awareness, and empower them in reaching their goals.
There is a lot of misconception about the job of a counselor versus a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist in India. Counselors and psychologists usually concentrate on the psychological, emotional, and social elements of a person's development. The biological components of an issue are usually the focus of psychiatrists, where they will be able to understand the complete anatomy of an individual, provide medication and use other tools which a psychologist cannot.
Counselling is a continual process in which a counsellor employs a psychological framework to assist you to uncover your solutions by facilitating insight and awareness. Depending on your needs, this procedure might take anywhere from 4 to 20 sessions. Each session is one hour long and may extend depending on the counsellor and the client’s needs. You need to schedule an appointment at least a day prior with the counselling coordinator, and thereby sessions will be scheduled accordingly.
• Counsellors offer guidance and tailored answers to your concerns. Counselling service is meant for those who are mentally ill, crazy and it’s not for the normal population. • Older adults with little or no education are better counsellors than younger counsellors with education. • Counsellors use their opinion, intuition, and beliefs to help clients. • Counselling is an art, not a science. • Counsellors are perfect and do not need counselling themselves.
Yes, anything you say to your counselor is kept within the setup, and all of our employees follow a code of conduct and confidentiality standards. As a result, you can be assured that everything you share in the setting remains within unless there is a risk of self-harm, injury to others, or child abuse the counselor is abide by the law to inform the consent and provide help/ service accordingly, otherwise every counselor at Asha the hope is morally required to protect anonymity.

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