Hybrid Doctorate Program in Alternative Therapy and Holistic Healing (28th of October). PG Diploma in Child Psychology ( 14th of October ) . Diploma in Art Therapy ( 29th of October) . Diploma in Child Psychology ( 11th of November) . Signature Analysis ( 9th Of December)( CONTACT US TO KNOW MORE - Ph : +91 8884444601)

Parivarthana (Friday Gyan)

Today, we open a New Book! The pages are blank. It’s up to each one of us to fill them with our own words & dreams. This new book is called “OPPORTUNITY” and the First Page is titled “PARIVARTHANA – Change from Within” ! Remember, this is your “MASTERPIECE”!!



Asha The Hope believes in strengthening the wings of all our learners by providing informative resources and support to mutually learn and grow. ‘PARIVARTHANA’ is one such platform, where students who wish to explore as budding speakers/trainers are given opportunities to showcase their training skills and knowledge in their respective fields. Every week on Friday, one new speaker conducts a one-hour power-packed session on various domains related to the field of psychology and empowers the audience. It is a platform to mutually learn, explore and inspire others who are willing to take up a session too. We acknowledge their ability and also provide in-depth training, if needed, to become confident speakers/trainers in the future. We believe in selfless service to empower individuals by acknowledging, motivating, encouraging & guiding the students to discover their best.

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