“Today, we open a New Book! The pages are blank. It’s up to each one of us to fill them with our own words & dreams. This new book is called “OPPORTUNITY” and the First Page is titled “PARIVARTHANA – Change from Within” ! Remember, this is your “MASTERPIECE”!!



Asha The Hope believes in strengthening the wings of all our learners by providing informative resources and support to mutually learn and grow. ATH has launched another wonderful platform PARIVARTHANA where students who wish to explore as budding speakers / trainers are given opportunities to showcase their training skills and knowledge in their respective fields.
Every week on Friday, one new speaker conducts a session on various domains related to the field of Psychology and can empower the audience with their power packed performance for 1 hour. Every week, seeing the participant’s talk, others who have the skill in them but are facing hesitation or inhibition, can get motivated to give it a shot too. If need be, Asha The Hope acknowledges their ability & provides in-depth training so that they can become confident speakers / trainers in future.
ATH always believes in selfless service with an objective to empower individuals to whatever capacity it may be by acknowledging, motivating, encouraging & guiding the students to discover the best out of them.
ATH believes to Strengthen the wings of all our learners by providing informative resources and support system to learn and grow so, here we launch a PRIVARTANA platform for you all where students of Dr. Asha who are well qualified and trained at ATH will provide one hour free of cost webinar to help you gain more knowledge about the wonderful psychology world. Every Friday you will get an opportunity to interact with a new speaker.

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