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Certificate Course in Graphology

Certificate Course in Graphology


This course is going to explain what graphology is, to clarify what it is not. It is not psychology as it is most commonly practiced in India, nor is it about people in India. Rather, it is a broad approach to psychology that is informed and shaped by the long and rich intellectual and spiritual traditions of India, and by the predominant ethos of the Indian cultural tradition. Although Indian psychology is influenced by its cultural origin just as “indigenous” psychology of India is, it is different from the latter in being potentially applicable across cultures, and not being restricted to the people of India. Indian psychology involves the study of the person, and the person is conceived as a composite of body, mind, and consciousness.

Our Curriculum

This course includes
  • The Gestalt Method
  • Margins
  • Size Spacing
  • Baselines
  • Pressure
  • Slant
  • Connections
  • Felon's claw
  • Club strokes and more
  • The Trait Method Zones
  • All Letters a-z
  • Capital I (Personal Pronoun I)

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