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✓ Mind without hesitation, anticipation, and apprehension is meditation.

The mind attains peace, which is meditative and experienced in a holy

place, in the presence of a learned and saintly person.

✓ The mind can be facilitated through techniques to attain peace but

cannot be forcibly controlled.

✓ Deep breathing and chanting ‘AUM’ in three stages are a few techniques

that can be practiced to bring the mind to peace.

✓ We are made up of all the five elements (water, fire, sky, earth, air), that

is often forgotten and not realized as we are more driven by the external

forces in the hustle-bustle of life. The journey of life begins with the

physical body (5 elements) connecting and pampering the mind

(feelings, thoughts, and emotions) and progressing towards Chetana


✓ Focus on your journey and that reflects on the others too. The mind

needs to be pampered just like a child and not be controlled.

✓ ‘Child is the father of a man.’ A child’s mind is not polluted, not

overlapped with thoughts, rather it is simple, observant, receives and

realizes the positivity in the others who would embrace them as they

are. As we grow, our mind is calculative, overlapped, and becomes

nonreceptive of many things which make our lives


✓ When meditating, is it ok to get random thoughts and one should let the

thoughts flow freely. Controlling the thoughts and feeling that the

concentration is low will only make the individual dwell in the thoughts.

✓ Practise yogasan and breathing exercises, and follow a healthy balanced

life, to attain peace and happiness throughout.

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