Mrs. Lakshmi Comandur


Mrs. Lakshmi Comandur


Lakshmi Comandur is a passionate and Certified Well-being Counselling Psychologist specialized in Child and Adolescent Psychology, International Certified Career Coach and a Life-skills trainer.

She is a motivational and an empathetic leader with an ability of leading and building a motivated, efficient team and sharing warm and welcoming rapport with children and parents. She always empowers an individual with her efficiency, knowledge and experience. 

She is very friendly, warm and has a welcoming rapport with people.

With a professional experience of over 18+ years into leadership roles of Academics and Operations and in the mental health, she is equipped with the skills of counselling the team, adults and children.

Her step-to-step guidance and positive attitude, in collaboration with the parents helped many students gain freedom of will, to identify their own strengths, passion to choose and build the right career path.

Lakshmi is very proactive and readily extends her support in guiding students and adults through counselling by empowering them on various life-skills like self-awareness, problem solving, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and many more empowering adults and children to live their aspirations and lead a meaningful life.

Being a volunteer with NGO’s like Sahridayi, Step one, Volunteer for cause (VFC) and has reached out to people in need specially many teenagers, young adults during the pandemic catering to mentoring and counselling needs.

Her years of experience and numerous certifications makes her an indispensable part of Asha the Hope.

Lakshmi is an approachable mentor for passionate learners of Psychology from varied backgrounds opting for various PG and Diploma courses in Asha The Hope.

Lakshmi has won many leadership awards in the past for her coordination and team building skills and won a best mentor for the year 2020-21 from Asha the Hope.

‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet keep looking. Don’t settle.” ---Steve Jobs

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