Mrs. Archana


Mrs. Archana

Keynote Speaker

I am Archana Deshpande, Counsellor certified by Indian Council for Professional Education Mission (ICPEM) registered under Niti Ayog – Government of India.

  • Mental Health Educator

  • Education Coach and Mentor

 I have been working as a Mental Health Educator, Coach, and Mentor in the field of education for more than 15 years. I have been associated with Akanksha Foundation for more than a decade. Currently, I am working with Asha The Hope Foundation affiliated with ICPEM. I have been empowering young Counsellors, students, and professionals from various fields in the role of Speaker and Trainer. I also provide intellectual support for various courses provided by Asha The Hope Foundation. 

I have pursued a Bachelor's in Psychology and ranked 13th on the national merit list. I completed my Master's in Clinical Psychology by topping the college merit list. After completing my Masters in Clinical Psychology from Pune University, my passion for Counselling and Coaching led me to be the Founder of Manahproabodh- Inspiring minds through Counselling where I cater to individual needs of clients ranging from Anger management, screen addiction, relationship issues, and personal or job stress. I also design programs for the wellness of students and building resilience. I run workshops for teachers, parents, and adolescents to deal with their relationship issues and have better emotional health.

Specially designed programs foster students to be independent learners enabling them to maximize their potential and change their lives. With parents, conducting one-on-one sessions for capacity building to help them address their concerns and build their parenting skills. It also includes the capacity building of teachers to work with children in the classroom. Facilitating sessions in every school to build awareness of children’s development and concern areas.

I am an effective communicator with excellent team-building and organizational skills. I possess the ability in planning and manage resources. I have experience in different school settings working with children and parents with behavior and educational difficulties and have also worked with teachers and parents on effective interventions in both classrooms and at home for fostering emotional health.

I have guided many programs in schools which include the “Powerhouse” program to help bridge the learning gaps for students of grades 6,7. “Change Maker” Projects for creating a sense of responsibility towards giving back the society by identifying problems in the society, doing research, finding solutions, implementing the solutions, and measuring the impact. Student-Led Computer Literacy Program where students from grades 5 to 8 design and implement different modules to create awareness about the use of technology among parents and teachers.

I believe that I am a learner and work towards building a better version of myself.

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