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Excerpts from the session:

✓ Regard, respect, affection, and devotion are the nomenclature for the word love.

The best example of unconditional positive regard is the relationship between a

mother and her child. Irrespective of the situation and circumstances a mother’s love

for her child remains unconditional.

✓ The Western approach believes in learning and applying the techniques of

unconditional positive regard by following ethical norms, whereas the Eastern

approach believes in being with nature to develop unconditional positive regard

from within.

✓ The journey of life is all about travelling towards love. The essence of philosophy is

knowing the basic aspect of life is love and nothing else.

✓ Explore, experiment and experience are three aspects that every individual has to

observe and make the necessary changes to make life simple and fruitful. Listening

to the inner voice is important.

✓ The three misconceptions – ‘know it all’, ‘done it all’, and ‘who am I’ - are important

to understand in one’s life, and if understood then unconditional positive regard

generates within us effortlessly.

✓ When Satvik gun is practiced in life, the focus will be more on leading the life more

happily, truthfully, and peacefully rather than focusing on the end result and

insignificant things.

✓ Reflective thinking every day during bedtime helps us to introspect and understand

how we are leading life. This helps us to explore, experiment and experience.

✓ Stress comes into life only when we think life is a struggle some journey and

accomplishing that is the only target and achievement.

✓ The ultimate goal in life is to lead a peaceful and meaningful life that runs

simultaneously with immediate, short term and long-term goals.

✓ Acceptance is the key to a healthy relationship. The focus should be on doing our

duty and not on expecting others to change.

✓ The fear element crops up when we compare ourselves with the growth of others

and when we focus on our own growth, the progression is with love and compassion.

✓ A guru can show you direction and give indications and advice but the real guru/

moola guru resides within you. 

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