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This week’s Chinthana session was on the topic, ‘Sankhya Yog and Counselling’ by Dr.

Krishna Dutt. Sankhya Yog speaks about realistic dualism, consciousness (Purush), and

nature (Prakriti).

Excerpts from the session:

✓ Nature is Trigunatmak, Rajogun (attachment, ambition), Tamogun (inactivity), and

Satvagun (being positive). All activities in our daily life like eating food, and the joy of

giving fall under these three Gunas, but it is ultimately important to adapt Satvagun

which will enable us to be in congruency with mind, body, and consciousness. This

can be observed even in the client as to what is his tendency in leading life.

✓ The time, the friends, the place, the income, and expenditure, the self, and the

power within, are the important aspects that an individual should revisit and rethink,

without which he would be caught up in the vicious circle of Rajoguna and tamogun.

✓ Sankhya Yog is Gyan marg which speaks about I am Brahm and all that happens is

through that Brahm. Yog speaks about yam, niyam, asana, pranayama, and

pratyahara which are also part of Sankhya Yog in addition to that Dharana, Dhyana

and Samadhi are also added to it to help an individual reach the self-awareness


✓ Karma Yog in Gita speaks about work as worship and surrender to the ultimate

authority. Bhakti Yog prevails in all the yogs, because once an individual realizes that

he is not the doer, surrenderance to the ultimate authority happens naturally.

✓ Gita says, in any intricate situation if an individual decides his role, the depression

and anxiety reduces. Once the role is decided, start doing the activity and surrender

to the ultimate authority. The intention of these activities has to be clear.

✓ If an individual internalizes the fact that he is responsible for his journey by being

aware and conscious, then he will be able to identify his role and will not be bound

by others’ journeys and get affected by the outcomes and results.

Gita books recommended – Eknath Easwaran, Bhagavad Gita for everyone, Gita from

Gorakhpur press (simple reference), Prabhupad’s Gita (ISKON)

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