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✓ Silence can be misinterpreted, but can never be misquoted. Before speaking, it has

to go through fourstages. These are the manifestations of the sounds:

➢ Para – the manifestation that happens in Prana, it is the knowledge

➢ Pasyanthi – the manifestation that happens in the mind

➢ Vivek Karan or madhyama- the manifestation that happens in the indriyas. It

talks about how much to speak and what to speak.

➢ Vaikhari – to articulate expression, the talk.

Listening is more important as it helps to attain balance, limits, and truth.

✓ Unconditional positive regard talks about ‘Sthithapragnya’, the emotional stability

not shaken by adversity, situational stability of steady wisdom, perfect self-control

over turbulent senses, tranquillity free from attachments, and oneness with the


✓ Non-judgemental:It is key to be prepared and to remind yourself to be non-

judgemental, as we are not there to criticize, judge, or share our personal opinions

about behaviors. By staying non-judgemental, they are more likely to feel

comfortable about discussing their issues and continue the conversation. An

individual who attains the level of Stithapragnya will articulate based on the

situation and necessity rather than being judgemental.

✓ It is equally important to maintain confidentiality when an individual confides in you.

✓ Language is the most important point to be considered to break the barriers with the

client, as it helps in effective rapport building and establishes a good connection.

✓ According to our Vedic literature, the philosophy of Advaith (non-dualism), we are all

part of one complete whole, and we exist in everything and everything exists within

us. This concept helps us to embrace all the qualities that a counsellor needs to have.

✓ It is to be noted that the responsibility of the counsellor is to enhance the quality of

the counselee, keeping in view the culture that they belong to.

✓ According to our philosophy, there are three Gunas in nature that have to be

balanced, and when this happens unconditional positive regard is a natural result.

➢ Sattva guna is about goodness, calmness, and is harmonious.

➢ Rajas guna is about passion, activity, and movement.

➢ Tamas guna is about ignorance, inertia, and laziness.

✓ Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.

✓ Myself is nothing, but myself is all.

✓ ‘Ek bindu tak kahani tum banate ho, uske age kahani tumko banati hai, kya tumhe us

bindu ki pehchaan hai’. Where there is indecision, and are emotional about our

decisions, it is good to share with a friend, philosopher, and guide to make the right


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