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✓ Most of our relationships are attachments and not bonding because when we are

bonded conflicts do not arise. Bonding gives enough space to the other person to

understand his perspective, time, and space.

✓ Physical attachment is always misunderstood with sensualities. It could be a hug, pat

from anyone to motivate, this is a physical bonding.

✓ Emotional bonding is the connection between two individuals, where each of them

finds it comfortable to share their feelings.

✓ Bonding is beyond attachments, body, emotions, and intellect, for example, Sri Rama

Krishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda (guru-sishya), Radha and Sri Krishna

(Couple bonding), Yashoda and Sri Krishna (mother-son bonding).

✓ Body, mind, and intellect are equipmentthat makes you do three things:

1. Perceiver

2. Thinker

3. Feeler

✓ A relationship loses its entity and cannot respire when an individual is at gross body

level (Sthula Sharira). Unmet expectations, unreasonable expectations, conflicts in

common interests to nurture a child, inability to manage commitments, allocation of

time and personal pursuits, not being aware of one’s fitness (no spiritual

connection), mismatch dynamics.

✓ The relationship has to grow from gross body level to subtle body level and from

there to the causal body level which makes two people live for a purpose.

✓ A relationship is between energy and energetic.

✓ The five essential ingredients for a healthy relationship are:

1. Communication

2. Mutual Respect

3. Healthy Boundaries

4. Mutual Trust

5. Support

✓ Living in a relationship and staying in a relationship are two different entities.

✓ Giving space to each other, setting up healthy expectations, freedom of expression

are important in a relationship.

✓ By auditing the conflicts, we can understand that 80% of them are because of the

third person, and 20% are because of your curiosity, keeping apart the exceptional


✓ Internal conflicts arise when there is no self-bonding.

✓ If you enjoy those special moments with yourself which is spiritual progress, then a

relationship is a compliment. If not, the relationship is a commitment.

✓ Hope, willingness, and purpose are essential in a relationship.

✓ Giving freedom to your womanhood and you are enough to yourself

✓ वागर्ााववव संपृक्तौ वागर्ाप्रविपत्तये।

जगिः वपिरौ वन्देपावािीपरमेश्वरौ।।

The magic and beauty come from the divine language. It is all in – how we divide the

words, which meaning we take for a word, and ultimately how we rearrange and

organize the communication.

✓ Understand the language of love, it’s individualistic.

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