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Excerpts from the session:

✓ Every individual internally creates a framework for others and runs a comparison and

draws conclusions based on the understanding that he has developed. When this

framework is not created internally which is difficult, it is non judgemental.

✓ Gautam Buddha says we should look at things without any interpretation, without

prejudice, without being biased, without any analysis, without any notion and


✓ The tendency to survive and procreate is the basic level of every living thing on this

planet, then comes the intellectual level in which there is a scope of being

judgemental, and finally comes the level of consciousness which all of us should try

to reach, without which being non-judgemental is not possible.

✓ Freedom from past experiences, welcoming uncertainties, missing of wow factors,

mechanical/robotic lives without spontaneity, and feeling of gratefulness are some

of the essential factors to awaken and enhance our consciousness.

✓ When we awaken our consciousness, it lets us understand that we have no right to

be judgemental. This happens when we practice, introspect, self-observe, and live a

simple pure life.

✓ Happiness is transcended from pain and pleasure.

✓ Accept others as they are but not possible to change them. When we try to enhance

our level of consciousness, we will understand that there is no need to change

others at all.

✓ Try to be nobody with everybody. Nobody can make you feel inferior without your


✓ Forgiveness refers to not contaminating or spoiling our life journey and letting it go

which eventually leads to the derivation of pleasure than pain.

✓ Creating a balance between what we want to do (heartfully) and what decision we

take(cognitively) plays a vital role.

✓ By being empathetic, understanding, assertive, and non-judgemental, we don’t need

to get perfect expected results every time with everyone. It is essential to accept ups

and downs in the journey of life. This is possible only through practice and


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