PG Diploma in Child Psychology

PG Diploma in Child Psychology


In Child psychology, you will study about how an infant develops and grows into an adolescent from a psychological perspective. You will come to know about the emotional changes from time to time, how an identity is formed and even about how a child learns to speak a language. You will learn a child evolves in terms of information processing and cognitive development. In general, the course deals with information on how a child starts understanding social behaviours and integrates accordingly

Our Curriculum

Module 1
  • Developmental problems of childhood & adolescence
  • Early Childhood Assessment (milestone based)
  • Physical, Social, Emotional and Cognitive Development of the Child
  • Understanding a Child’s World
  • Pre and Post Pregnancy care
Module 2
  • Child Counseling Process
  • Common Childhood Issues (Non - Clinical)
  • Child Counseling (Case Formulation)
  • Child Abuse Prevention and Management
  • Counseling Techniques
Module 3
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Gifted Child
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Academic and Developmental Assessments (Informal)
  • Memory
  • Teaching Creative Expression
  • Making Learning Easier
Module 4
  • Behaviour Management
  • CBT for Child and Adolescent
  • Care Therapy for Children
  • Parental Alienation
  • Child Art Therapy
Module 5
  • Driving Life Skills
  • Wise Parenting Skills
  • Scaffolding and Psychoeducation
  • Intervention and Action Plan
  • Termination and Resilience
Module 6
  • Summarization
  • Decoding and Regiments
  • Ethics and Principles
  • Evaluation Process
  • Association and Network

Mentor's Support

  • Guide Support through Email/WhatsApp
  • Audio and Video Support
  • Additional Reference if Needed
  • Sessions through Zoom meeting
  • Prefixed Timings and Schedule
  • Home based activity at the end of each module for practical learning

Learning Kit

  • Each session Audio/Video Recording
  • Notes in PDF format
  • Cases and Vignettes for better Practice
  • Guide Support
  • Complete Manual for each Module
  • E-Books whenever Required
  • Charts and other learning aids (as required)
  • Informal Academic Assessment Sheets

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