Masters Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy

Masters Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy


Art Therapy is an effective Psycho competency tool that promotes self-expression via drawing, painting, sculpting, and other mediums of art. Eventually serving as a medium to explore self and find the best solutions that can fix the missing puzzle without unsettling an individual, with a bundle of questions and quests. You will explore the theme of transition between our inner and outer worlds, respect different cultures, nurturing a love of nature, connecting with it's power, wisdom and beauty.

Our Curriculum

Module 1
  • Counseling or Therapeutic Process
  • Art Therapy Techniques - I (Compulsory)
  • Art Therapy Techniques - II (Compulsory)
  • Understanding Children's Drawings
  • Interpreting Drawings
  • Group Analytic Art Therapy
  • Art Therapy Process
  • Meditative Drawing
  • Child Art Therapy
  • Art Therapy with Difficult Clients
  • Multiple Intelligence in Art Therapy
  • Psychology of Colors
  • Family Art Therapy
  • Art Therapy in Schools
  • Art Therapy and Cancer Care

Mentor's Support

  • Guide Support through Email/WhatsApp
  • Audio and Video Support
  • Additional Reference if Needed
  • Sessions through Zoom meeting
  • Prefixed Timings and Schedule
  • Recap Sessions with Mentoring

Learning Kit

  • Each session Audio/Video Recording
  • Notes in PDF format
  • Cases and Vignettes for better Practice
  • Guide Support
  • Life Coaching Tool box
  • Complete Manual for Each module
  • Free membership to I-CAT
  • Art tools and books
  • Access to I-CAT Virtual library

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